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can't promise i won't put a dagger in your throat

10 days of TNG; 05. favourite romantic relationship  →  imzadi.

"I’m closer to Deanna than anyone I’ve ever known…"

10 days of TNG; 04. favourite female character  →  counselor deanna troi.

"The first man I ever loved was my father. He was strong and tall. He carried me when the ground was muddy. He chased away the monsters that hid under my bed at night. And he sang to me, and kept me safe. And he went away. What I wouldn’t give to hear those songs again - to feel his arms protect me. I never will. But I can still feel his warmth and his love, as though he were here with me."

10 days of TNG; 03. favourite film  →  first contact.

"we are the borg. lower your shields and surrender your ships. we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. your culture will adapt to service us. resistance is futile."

10 days of TNG; 02. favourite episode  →  the offspring.

— i feel…
— what do you feel lal?
— i love you father. 
— … i wish i could feel it with you.
— i will feel it for both of us. thank you for my life.

10 days of TNG; 01. favourite season  →  season six.

"I may be surrounded by insanity but I am not insane."

10 Days of TNG


Hey guys! I’ve decided to make a ten-day TNG meme for use on Tumblr! I’ll be posting my answers for the next few days and I hope I’ll see some of yours, too!


Day 1 → Favorite Season
Day 2 → Favorite Episode
Day 3 → Favorite Film
Day 4 → Favorite Male Character
Day 5 → Favorite Female Character
Day 6 → Favorite Guest Star
Day 7 → Favorite Friendship
Day 8 → Favorite Romantic Relationship
Day 9 → Favorite Ensemble Moment
Day 10 → Favorite Quote